reMarkable 2 or Supernote A5 X?

In the following train of thoughts I’ll try to give the shortest possible answer to the question, how someone who is inclined to buying either the Supernote A5 X or the reMarkable 2 can decide which of the two is right for him. My answer is split up into two parts plus a resumée.

Part 1: Aesthetics

The reMarkable 2 should have its place in the Museum of Modern Art due to its perfect design. If you have it, you’ll always love to grab it, feel it, use it. It’s just a wonderful tool to work with. Also, what you do with it in terms of using its functionality is fun, the software is without rough edges and quirks, it’s very well thought out. Thoroughly, that is.

The Supernote is thicker, it’s made of a modern synthetic material, some say it looks cheap but I find such a judgment a bit over the top. It is just not as elegant and posh as the reMarkable. It’s not a candidate for the MOMA.

I would also like to point out: reMarkable AS gives you 100 days of testing. But I’m relatively sure that you will not return it if you come to miss some technical features. Instead, it’s more likely that you’ll buy another device in addition, e. g. the Supernote, but to give the reMarkable away is a harsh step because it’s so pleasing to look at it, read on it, scribble on it. (Of course, this is also simply a matter of financial budget.)

Part 2: The Inner Values

If your work is mostly focused on one given document (some PDF, e. g.) plus the handwritten notes about it, and you don’t need complex searches, links to pages within your document or links to other documents, everything’s fine for the reMarkable owner.

If the documents you’re working with are large, need inner structure, pagelinks or links to accompanying documents, if you need several methods to make your notes searchable for titles, keywords, and star markings, you’re lost. In this case, the Supernote is definitely the tool of choice.

In general, if your workspace (which means the documents you need as a basis for your work and the notes you’re creating within the workflow) is big and complex you won’t have a comfortable time with the reMarkable 2, you’ll be better off using the Supernote.


If I had to put my answer in lyrical style I’d say: an author or critic of novels will most probably feel good with the reMarkable 2 whereas an engineer or physics student will definitely prefer the Supernote. This statement has of course to be read with a grain of salt but I think you get the notion, right?

I hope this helped you, good luck with your choice and feel free to leave a nice and polite comment!

Thanks for reading!

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