Tutorial for Multiple Sequence Alignments

Foreword: I publish this tutorial on behalf of a dear guest author! I’m not familiar with the subject of this article but if you have any questions, post them as a comment below and I’ll do my best to clarify things in collaboration with the author. So, we hope that this is helpful to others, enjoy reading and good luck in using this recipe!

Foreword of the author herself:

Hello everyone,

I found a pretty easy way to do multiple sequence alignments, that also gives a nice output file!

I used Clustal Omega and ESPript and wrote a short tutorial for you 🙂

You can do everything with your browser and don’t need to install anything.

I hope this helps when you are having trouble with sequence alignments 🙂


Multiple Sequence Alignment Tutorial

  1. Get your FASTA sequences


Tip: Use the abbreviations (example: Xa_PCMa) you want to see in your output file. Everything behind the first space will not be shown in your alignment in the end. Delete the * behind your FASTA sequence.

  1. Clustal Omega



  1. Download your result
  1. ESPript



Now you can upload your Clustal Omega Alignment file

Set all the parameters as you like and click SUBMIT (at the top of the site)

Here are examples what your output PDF file could look like

Color scheme Black and White, no tick at “Number Sequences”

Color scheme Normal, tick at “Number Sequences”

Have fun!


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