Migration [updated!]

Started migrating from a f…g Managed thing to this site here. Hopefully this will be a success after months of problems.

So, now what?

kolloquia.de was a so-called Managed WordPress site. It now shall become a full WordPress site on wordpress.com. The first step has been done, all contents has been transferred to the new site which you find here:


At the time being I’m trying to connect the domain kolloquia.de with this new site but this will take some time, I hope to get things done within 24 hrs. But you never know…

Update, 2022-11-22, 21:00:

kolloquia.de is back online! The SSL certificate will be installed soon.

Now I’ll see whether a site at WordPress.com is the better solution than a Managed WordPress blog hosted somewhere by a random Web provider! I’m really curious!

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