A New Issue With ZKN3, v3.2022.8?

This evening I have experienced the second case of ZKN3’s Preferences/Fonts and Colours dialog not functioning anymore. The first occurence took place on a Linux notebook: I could change the font settings as much as I wanted but no change in appearance could be seen. Nothing of the settings was transferred, neither font, fontsize nor color.

After experimenting and investigating for a long time I finally decided to copy the whole .Zettelkasten configuration directory to a backup folder and deleted the complete configuration. After having done this ZKN3 worked as expected again.

Half an hour ago I installed the new 3.2022.8 version on a Windows 11 notebook, launched it and there it was again, this problem: Fonts and Colours dialog without function. Same procedure again: Deleting all configuration files, starting ZKN3 again, and I could configure ZKN3 as wanted.

I suspect the new version not to read the configuration of previous versions 100% correctly, I assume that there’s an unknown setting which causes the issue.

Hope this helps and have fun with ZKN3!

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